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Tim Thompson - Thermopylae and Cutty Sark Rosenfeld - Flying Spinnakers Sail Boats Carlo Borlenghi - Merit Cup Robert Macgregor - Cutty Sark
Thermopylae and Cutty Sark
Tim Thompson
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Flying Spinnakers
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Sail Boats
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Merit Cup
Carlo Borlenghi
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Cutty Sark
Robert Macgregor
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Banzai Pipeline Chris Simpson - Island Breeze Caribbean Wave Hawaiian Blue Glass Montague Dawson - 'thermopylae' Leaving Foochow
Banzai Pipeline
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Island Breeze
Chris Simpson
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Caribbean Wave
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Hawaiian Blue Glass
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'thermopylae' Leaving Foochow
Montague Dawson
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Tahiti Chris Simpson - Tropical Morning George Rodger - Venice, Italy Laguna Beach Huntington Pier
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Tropical Morning
Chris Simpson
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Venice, Italy
George Rodger
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Laguna Beach
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Huntington Pier
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Tahiti - Opunohu Bay Sunset and Palm Tree Maldive Morning Palm Beach Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon
Tahiti - Opunohu Bay
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Sunset and Palm Tree
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Maldive Morning
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Palm Beach
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Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon
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Tropical Beach Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Drinker - Grand Tetons (Spirit Dance Meadows) Unknown - Perseverance-Cliffhanger Courage
Tropical Beach
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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
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Grand Tetons (Spirit Dance Meadows)
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